Coastal footpaths on the Cayenne peninsular Mount Montabo

The Cayenne peninsular is a geological exception on the Amazonian coast, as it is one of the rare rocky outcrops to be found between the estuaries of the Amazon and the Orinoco. Its wonderful landscapes with their sandy beaches and stony hills are both flamboyant and well-suited to the context. To the east it is bordered by the Mahury river, to the west by the Cayenne river, and to the north by the Tour de l’île river. As it is surrounded by rivers it is referred to as a peninsular. This unusual geographical situation means that it marks the boundary between the Eastern and Western coasts of French Guiana. The large number of Amerindian groove sites which have been found on Cayenne peninsular show that it has been occupied by man since long ago, to a time dating back to well before the pre-Columbian period. It is currently undergoing rapid urbanisation. And so it is not surprising that this site has been recognised as a place of special interest that deserves to be protected. The Coastal Conservation Authority is therefore buying up plots of land and entrusting them to non-profit organisations or local authorities that undertake to protect and enhance them. As part of this programme the Conservation Authority has entrusted the municipality of Cayenne with the management of several sites, which have been included in a project to enhance the seafront being carried out by the municipality. This project seeks to maintain the natural breaks and forested areas along the...

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